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This is Ronaldohino's

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Flip ...

This skill is well known as Ronaldohino's, however, the person who already used this skill is Ronaldo.

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Amazing Roberto Carlos

His first kicks to a football date back to 1990 in Araras, a Sao Paulo quarter. The name of the team was Union San Juan. He was in the first team at the age of 14 and made his debut with the Under-16 Brazil team. He became an idol in Palmeiras and part of Brazil first team when he was only 18. He took a jump over the Atlantic to the European football in 1996 to join Inter. He arrived at Real Madrid one year later. His record as a white player is impressive. He won over all the fans with his spectacular and offensive game, not to mention his endless personal values: an easy-going character, cheerful and very close to the fans. He has been confirmed as the best outside left defender in the world both for his play in Real and in Brazil.

His power and quality lie in his left leg, which has made him one of the best world players in his position, or just the best one, one could say. He is a player with a charisma that has won over the affection from all the white fans. All the supporters expect him to show the signs of his power and quality in every game, as his repertoire always give a surprise. He is the definition of a megastar that won it all in 2002: Europe Cup, World Cup, Europe Supercup and Intercontinental Cup.
This is so funny
They are so professional, but they can make misstake like this! HaHa ^_____^ Nobody knows what will happen every moment. that's why I love soccer!!

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